The Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that helps countries and nations through their programs and plans that involve medical missions, emergency assistance, and disaster preparedness. You can find our Red Cross brand in various situations and in different locations. Our goal is to help those people who are in need of treatment, medication, or even therapy.

Slovakia, like many countries that welcome the Red Cross, experiences a lot of disasters, accidents, and other events that require medical attention. Although the country has a robust program and financial backing to provide the machinery and other tools needed to treat a person, it welcomes the help of any public and private institutions that are willing to help. The Red Cross gives medical assistance and utilizes all of its devices in order to ease the issues and concerns of the government response team.

Blood Donation

The Red Cross is mostly known by the general public as one of the best resources of blood supply for hospitals and accident victims. And the Red Cross image is very much true. One of the advocacies of the Red Cross is to provide the much-needed blood transfusion that hospital patients need in order to survive emergencies and recover.

Whether you are coming from an Amsterdam city trip using the Amsterdam city sightseeing map or just visiting your local Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, the Red Cross can supply you with the blood supply that you require for your operation.

If you are a healthy individual, you can also extend your help by providing blood donations to the organization. The Red Cross opens its offices to people who want to give blood for the advocacies of this organization. It also creates special events that are conducted inside private company facilities in order to make blood donations easier and more convenient for volunteers.


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We believe that prevention is better than cure. In order to keep your environment safe for the people around you, you must be well-versed in providing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitations when needed. Some of the other training that you can get from us include Automated External Defibrillator certification, swimming safety, child care, Basic Life Support, and Certified Nursing Assistant certification. These are just a few of the seminars and schooling that you may take in order to be more prepared in emergencies and other related situations.  Most of these seminars and schooling are bundled with cheap round trip flights to Amsterdam or any city to make the event more fun for the learners.

Medical supplies

The Red Cross is also a great source of medicines and medical supplies. If you are working in a hospital, a clinic, or any establishment that provide medical aid, it is best to partner with the Red Cross with regard to your medical supplies. We have a wide range of choices that you can select from. We even give voucher codes and coupon codes on products such as aliexpress coupon code free shipping if you shop online.

Some of the products that you can get from us include, but are not limited to, supplies for your skills training, face shields, books on lifeguarding, lung bags, instructor kits, first aid, and CPR, disaster preparation kits, emergency survival kits, supply refills, coats, shirts, and other general clothing.


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